Update on the future of Makintraxx RC Club

Over the past six months, Makintraxx has been in the process of making changes to the way our facility is organized.

We have decided to become a Not for Profit Club.  There are many reasons for this, but the main reason we made this decision, was for our racers.  We have always ran the track in a club format by taking all money that the track does take in, and reinvesting that right back into the track.  We have also always given every racer a say in the way we run our program, but now we are making it official.

As most of you are aware, I personally operate the track (along with the help of many of you).  But in the past, if I was not able to make a race day, we would need to cancel racing.  Our hope is that by being a club it will allow us to cross train a lot of us for the different tasks it takes to run a race program, so racing will never have to be cancelled due to one person unable to make a race day.

Over the past 10 years in this hobby, I have seen a lot of tracks close.  And it has always been for two reasons - Time and/or Money.  Makintraxx has always earned enough money to pay the bills with a little left over for track improvements very year.  The money portion is not a concern currently to cause us any reason to close.  On the other hand, time will begin to be for my family.  As my boys grow and take on other activities, or if my wife wants to take a 2 week vacation somewhere, we want to make sure that the track can still exist and be run, with, or without one individual.

And, yes, the tracks are on my personal property, so my wife and I will always need to have final say in what the club wants to do, but as in the past, there has been very little that we did not "approve" of, so that should not be of concern to anyone.

The exciting news is that we will be building an indoor facility right next to the outdoor track starting in the next month or so.  This "Clubhouse" will be 13,000 sq ft, and we plan to have it up and running before the end of the year.   The new clubhouse will house both a clay, and an ozite off-road track.  We plan to start construction the end of June 2017.

Although we started this process several months ago, we are still in the process of finalizing paperwork with local, state, and federal municipalities to gain final acceptance.  We have the majority of what we need completed, however, we are still a couple weeks away from making it official.

We apologize for keeping everyone in the dark on this situation, but we needed to make sure this process was actually going to happen.

The timing of this process certainly is not working out in our favor. We had hoped to be much further along and breaking ground at this point, and of course be racing and having fun!!! We are doing everything possible on our end to speed this process up, however, we are at the mercy of the municipalities right now.

In the interim we plan to keep the track closed until we get more finalized with everything. It has been a very difficult decision that we've had to make about not opening right now. We hope that everyone can understand and support our decision. There are some really good things to come.  We just need to be patient.

As with everything in life, anything can change, and we can never predict the exact future, but we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  And the long term future of RC racing at Makintraxx is shining bright.

So until further notice, the outdoor track is closed.


Thanks everyone.

 - Brian

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